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7MM is a good 100 yard deer rifle. 150 yards is about it. A 7MM bullet might travel 2000 yards if the firing angle was steep enough.
Ummmm, no.

7X57 can launch a 140 gr bullet at 2,800 fps. This will shoot considerably farther than 2,000 yds, and be accurate and deadly on deer farther than 100 yds. How do I know this? Because I have hunted with a 7X57 on and off for over 30 years and everything I have shot with it from 0 to 400 yds just folded. For comparison, a 30-30 launches a 170 gr slug at 2,200 fps , and is considered adequate out to 200-ish yds. Also for comparison, the Winchester wunderkind, the 270 WCF, launches a 130 grain pill at roughly 3,000 fps, just a little faster, and it seems to be adequate for just about anything.

Your ladder sights are graduated from 400 to 1800 meters, obviously the manufacturers felt it was goos for more than 100 yds. The rifle was zeroed at 300 yds, btw.
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