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I was playing around with some .308 150 grain Hornady SST bullets as hunting ammo, then found that several of my .308s like them a lot. Really like them a lot. My son's Savage 10 FLP shoots them better than the match loads I made for it using Sierra Matchkings.

The A-Max is actually designed for target work and may be a bit soft for hunting applications, depending on what you intend to shoot with it. While they may be fine for our smallish whitetail deer, they might fail when slammed into something a bit harder. The SST bullet is designed as a hunting bullet and while it isn't considered a premium bullet, like the Accubonds are, the SST is still a good hunting bullet. The fact that it turn in marvelous accuracy is another plus. I had earlier used Nosler BT bullets for hunting, but find that the Hornady Interlock SST is fully as accurate, is less expensive, and is a dandy hunting bullet for my purposes.
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