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I bought one a while back, love it

my second LH gun, been shooting RH guns for close to 20 years and at first i thought it would be awkward re-learning but it is great

I have hunted with RH guns and even with training a second follow up shot is harder, letting go of the supporting hand means you lose the target anway, especially if you do it in the swing

Tikkas have the smoothest action in the price range, and equal many twice as costly guns, only the SAKOS beat it IMO and they are 2x the price

Have you thought about a suppresor? how short can a .308 barrel be and still shot straight with keeping the effect? or does the suppresor add to the barrellenght when measuring the effect? I think that adding a suppressor will do great for balance, I wouldn't want to shot a bigger calibre in this short/light gun
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