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BigR, just curious about why you want a L handed rifle but stated that all your other rifles are R Handed. I mean no disrespect in the question, just curious.

The reason I ask is because if all the other rifles you own are indeed R handed wouldn't a L Handed model seem strange and not as comfortable possibly causing you to "fumble around" ie. lack of muscle memory in times of "buck fever"? Not to mention the change in sight picture? Are you L or R eye dominant?
Great questions indeed. I am left eye dominant and for some crazy reason started shooting long guns left handed way back years ago. I shoot pistols right handed. Yea I know I have adapted to the right hand rifles and shotguns over the years. One thing about the bolt gun is if I don't make the first shot count I have to drop my right hand from the front of the stock to work the bolt. Most of the time one shot is all I need, but have missed a few times and attempted a follow up shot. I have really never tried the crossover method such as reach over the scope and work the bolt with the left hand. Without a doubt I suppose a left hand bolt rifle would seem odd at first. For another reason is I guess I start thinking about case failure and getting some nasty stuff in my face since the port on a right hand bolt rifle is in my face.

I must mention I have a Browning Bar Safari (30.06) that I used for many years and have taken several deer with it. Of course being a semi auto rifle there is not much of an issue with it other than maybe the cases eject in front of my face. That rifle works real well, but as you know sometimes a hunter just wants to use the bolt action rifle especially in nasty weather.
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