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Cleaning Guns

A couple of things I don't find in magazines that might help your gun cleaning tasks.

1. A non-aerosol spray bottle with your favorite cleaning solvent. I use ths to wet a patch or que-tip, spray locally on frame or slide before brushing, or anyplace else needing a little solvent.

2. A small velcro strip (hooks on one side and loops on the other. this can be used as a third hand to help many tasks. For example:

A. My Remmington 552 semiauto does not have a bolt open lock.
I use the strap, wrapped around a scope to hold it open and allow basic cleaning.

B. Same idea for a 30 M! carbine. It has a lock but releases as soon as the cleaning brush hits it. Velco strap holds it open.

3. This is not new but I think bears repeating. Many MilSurp rifles have a spring in the stock to hold endcaps in place. A small piece of wood, the width of the spring, Makes removing these pieces easy when combined with a clamp.

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