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Already looking for another, advice?

So the wife is hooked, and that is a huge bonus for me as well. So here is what we are thinking;

She is requesting something even smaller than the SR9c for CCW. Now the SR9c is very concealable for me. But she is thinking less bulky, mainly for the purse. So I am not going to complain. So what should I being looking at? Shield, XDs, Nano, LC9/P, etc...

I am thinking FS 9, 40, or 45. As much as I like the SR9c, the FS 9/40 or 40c is very very appealing. I am open for all suggestions. In my original search, the FNH-FNX and FNS , the M&P line, XD/XDm line were all nice. Suggestions?
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