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That is a similar situation with probably a lot more hatred!

If you were in the country and took care of this problem like MDD has and the general public found out you would be burned at the stake by animal rights activist and the rest of the locals.
Some, who normally don't get involved in things like this, just won't be able to understand why you would kill a defensive animal like a domestic cat!
After all, they can't pose a threat to you or your loved ones. They can't harm, damage or kill any of your pets, livestock or other wildlife!

All of the critters have their place. But when we alter their environment, whether it be food or shelter or both, things can get out of control! Cats too will get diseases when they get over populated in an area.

With coyotes I get complaints on some of my photos but, in general people know what kind of damage coyotes are capable of! There are those who are extreme but let a coyote get one of their best friends a things change!

But it is almost always human involvement that has created the imbalance!
AND, it usually takes human involvement to correct it!

I would suggest a call to the city about your feline problem! If they can't help live traps work quietly and are harmless! Just check them regularly!
After a catch, a proper relocation will help solve the issue!
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