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The difference between .5 moa and 1.5 moa within realistic .308 hunting distances is small. If you want to shoot at targets and say "yeah, that would kill a deer if I do my part" using one cartridge in one rifle is a great idea. I do the exact same thing in my rifle but just with reloads. The honest truth is 1-1.5 moa is accurate enough to kill big animals at quite a distance and is easily obtained with off the shelf ammo.

I would think the first thing you need to decide is how important buying locally is to you. That could almost make the decision for you. If you want to buy online I'd recommend starting with the cheap choices and working up from there. I am partial to Fiocchi products over Remington/Federal/Winchester myself and online prices will put you below $1 per round for their basic SP ammo. They also load Hornady SST bullets for a bit more.
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