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I've been collecting Ruger #1 rifles off and on since about 1975. Currently I have them ranging from .22 Hornet to the mighty .416 Rigby. The Hornet is extremely accurate as are my 6MM Remington and .257 Roberts These are in the "B" configuration.
I have three in .300 Win. mag., two of which are tack drivers, one a "B" model, the other an "S". The third has not yet been shot but is an "S" model marked "200th year of American liberty". One of these days I'll scope it and see how she shoots. I have two "B" models in 30-06 and neither shoot worth a damn. One is the very first one I bought way back in 1975. I have "A" models in .243 and .270 plus a 7x57 mauser which had to go back to Ruger at it shot so poorly. It had one of those contract Wilson barrels with a throat way too long for even 175 gr. bullets. Took them 7 months to get it back to me but it's a good shooter now.
Just my thoughts on the but I suspect most of the red pad Ruger #1's have those contracted Wilson barrels and buying on can be a crap shoot. The black pad Rugers have I believe barrels made by Ruger and are reputed to be more accurate. I made the mistake of passing on a black pad #1A in 7x57 becaue I already had one and I felt the asking price was a bit too high and the seller wouldn't dicker at all. I'm still kicking myself on that one.
On the #1B in .300 Win. mag., I get 2950 FPS and .75" groups shooting the 200 gr. Speer Hot Core. The #1S in .300 mag. does 2930 with the same load and does .80".
As I said, red pad #1's can be a bit of a crap shoot. I do beliebe some #1's were made in .308 but I think they're in the scarce as hen's teeth category.
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