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Some additional thoughts

I don't like pinching caps. Tens should work on this revolver. Take along a small piece of wooden dowel or something to force the caps onto the nipples nice and snug. It is my personal opinion that if you have to pinch caps, you have the wrong size caps.

Although I load with a flask directly into the chamber I do it with the cylinder out of the revolver and use a press to push the ball in. This does two things for me. 1) It takes a little extra time to take the pistol apart and that additional time gives the stuff left over in the chambers a chance to cool off. 2) it allows me to see clearly inside the chamber to make sure there is no stuff still in the chamber that might still be hot.

It is more dangerous to load with a flask directly to the chamber than it is to use a scoop or something that does not have a quarter pound of powder two inches away.

Having said that I do it all of the time with the additional precautions I mentioned above. But you should understand the risks involved and then make your own decision.

I don't know what Cabela's gets for a round ball mold but Titan Reloading has good prices, great service, and quick shipping. I like aluminum molds.

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