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Originally Posted by MrBorland
My guess is that even if they were interested, the machinery & tooling (assuming they still even have it) would need some serious updating to compete in the marketplace. That's some serious capitol investment for a small market. It's likely the same reason we don't see others (Freedom Arms, for instance) making quality DA revos.
And, in fact, they don't have it (the machinery and tooling). If you should be fortunate enough to be granted a tour of the Colt factory, as I was a couple of years ago, near the entrance there is (or was, when I was there) a HUGE empty space right in the middle of the factory floor -- with people and machines and pallets of raw and finished parts all around this wasteland. "So what's going on here?" I asked. The answer was, "That's where the Pythons used to be made, but when we discontinued that line we cleared out all the machinery. We haven't decided yet what's going to replace it."

In fact, the last time I was there Colt had just brought a couple of new CNC machining centers on-line. It's my understanding that since then they've added a number of additional CNC centers, and those machines are large. It would not surprise me at all if I were to go back and see that the former DA revolver area is now occupied by CNC machining centers for the 1911 and Mustang lines.
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