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I plan to make my stand in the bedroom.

The wife goes in the closet (out of any line of fire) with the phone and calls 911. I move to the opposite side of the bed, weapon trained on the door. I'll be crouched down low with only a few inches exposed, and in deep shadow.

I'll holler "Don't come in here, I'm armed". If he/they break the door in, he is now a deadly threat. He's not coming to steal my stuff. He has no idea where I am, and I know exactly where he will be when the door opens. In the several seconds it takes to locate me I can send 5-6 rounds his way. There will be 9-10 more left in the magazine if he has a friend. The friend will now know basically where I am, but I still have the cover of the bed.

If he/they decide to just take my stuff and not enter the bedroom, let them go. My insurance will cover the loss. But the bedroom door is the point of no return.
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