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Right on Crow & Peter - EXACTLY what my mission is now.
I miss the Sig, who wouldnt, but Ive set new priorities for myself and FAST drills are top on the list. I saw a fellow nail his targets in under 5 seconds and my head spun. I WANT TO DO THAT! I need to customize a way to do this by myself since I usually hit the range by myself. I guess I could set it all up on my alarm followed by a timer.

When I wrote this thread I purposely included the word "master" because thats exactly what I am setting out for. I dotn expect to master this pistol in months....more like years. May not JUST be my G26 either....might also include a G17 or S&W MP9 because Im considering both guns for my next purchase as a back-up backup.

Thanks for the feedback everyone
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