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Originally Posted by RBid View Post
Regarding the PPQ or P99 for concealed carry:

I tend to advocate finding something you can *always* carry, first. Once you have that covered, finding alternative options for cold weather can be fun.

The PPQ and P99AS are slightly larger than a Glock 19. As much as I love them, they are a little chunky for year-round carry. With heavy clothes, it's considerably easier. If you wear heavy clothing often, these are great options. Still, I wouldn't carry my PPQ every day. My SR9c is considerably more comfortable to pack.
This is true. Just put back my PPQ and been carrying the G19 for a few days. The PPQ is definitely more on the hefty side. Nothing wrong with that. I carry my 226 and G21. Before I put them side by side (the PPQ and G19) I was under the notion they were the same size.

The reason I went with the PPQ was because of the magazine release being impossible to engage when CC-ing. However my Gen 4 Glock 19 has an almost flush with the grip mag release and I'm fine with it. Never accidentally engaged it before like I have with others that ride on my 4:00.

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