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LIVE! from the Stand, Season 2!

This is the first weekend of our archery season, I went out on day one but signal prevented my posting. Here's a couple pictures showing my location, you can also google map ITH and match the pictures to get a better look. I'm due north of the runway.

If I get a shot, it'll be close. In between water and a fence, max shot is 17 yards. Somebody put a stand up, you can see it in the picture. Hopefully they know something. The fence is about 7 feet high and runs several hundred yards, this being the only place where a tree has knocked it down. It's an obvious crossing point based on the trails but I don't know if its day or night travel.

I have doe tags and am "Triple Buck Eligible" so any good, mature deer is going to get it.

Slick heads don't even need to be mature!

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