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Best bluing product/process

I read on another forum that if you mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar 50/50 I works really well to clean the bore of old guns. So I tried it on my MN 91/30.... I messed up....

I didn't have a cork or rubber stopper so I taped some plastic on the end. Well it ended up over my front sight and some of the mixture of course got all over the outside of the barrel.

Apparently that mixture also does real good at eating the finish off of the barrel as well.

So now I'm gonna have to strip it and reblue the barrel. That wasn't really part of my original plans. Now that I have to, what is the best product you have used for it? And some tips you may have.

I was planning on putting the barrel/receiver in a PVC pipe and filling it with that same solution to strip the rest of the blue. Any reason why I shouldn't?

Couldn't decide if this goes in the smith section or C&R, please forgive me if I chose incorrectly.
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