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Winchester_73 said:
I know you didn't make this up and I understand why it was done, but I think it was a lot of effort for a small advantage. This concept wasn't very popular......
First of all my mistake in typing, I should have written K-22, not K-38. Again, as I said, this did find favor with some lady bullseye shooters of the day. They did find the K-Frame a trifle heavy and large for their hands. The gun shown is the one used, I believe. Imagine it with a heavy barrel, notched and relieved for the ejector rod, and a front latch dovetailed under the barrel. The gun shown on the cover had Cloyce's stocks, I believe, which were laminated alternating maple and walnut.

And it was the lady featured in the article credited with coining the term "Smolt."

Bob Wright

Incidentally, the revolver shown appears to have a Paine front sight, not a Patridge.

O.K. I went to a Smith & Wesson forum and the revovler shown they refer to as a pre-Model 35, with Patridge sights and sort of Magna stocks, referred to as a 22/32 Target.

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