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sounds like you have a roommate rather than a wife
How so? Every relationship has a different dynamic. Because we choose not to mix up finances how does this make her a roommate? We maybe have had 5 "fights" in the entire time we've been together. I've never slept on the couch and get "tang" quite frequently while most of my other married buddies complain about how their wives cut them off or ration it out.

We share decision making on quite a few things, some things we don't. We choose to live as two adults who are not subservient to each other. Call it roommates or whatever you want, but I'm happy and so is she.

My neighbor is in a more "traditional" relationship. He owns two minivans and has no hobbies other than what his wife allows him to do (which consists of gardening and cooking out on his patio). I swear every time I see him climb inside one of his minivans he looks like he dies a little inside.
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