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Lyman #49 question (Once fired brass)

On another recent thread it seemed generally accepted that reloading manuals are a guide. Prior to getting into reloading (I just got started) quite a few recommendations poured in with respect to the accuracy of and "must own" qualities of the Lyman manual.

I've been reading my manual today and one thing stuck out which was referenced twice.

*CAUTION* Never load cases from an unknown source, i.e. cases picked up at the range or sold as once fired brass.
*CAUTION* Load only cases which you have obtained as new unfired brass or which you have on hand as the result of firing new factory ammo in the firearm for which you wish to reload. A few pennies saved on bargain so called "once-fired" brass makes little sense when one considers the cost of a firearm and/or medical treatment, or wose....
What's with the hate towards once fired brass, or picking up brass at the range? Isn't that why you quality control check your brass (no matter where it came from) prior to reloading anyways? Following that line of thought why should I (a hobbyist) even get into reloading in the first place, I'd better just stick to buying factory ammo versus trying to load my own bullets. After all the savings or so called bargain makes little sense when you consider the cost of a firearm or medical treatment etc etc...

Just wondering.
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