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Oh, yeah, I know- I was just responding to your statements regarding the seeming dismissal of KE transfer.

Didn't mean to infer that you were singling out anyone in particular.

I also agree with you when you said-

Originally Posted by webleymkv:
"Another example is the almost pathological fear of bullets which fragment. Because Dr. Fackler generally admonishes against fragmenting handgun bullets, many seem to feel that anything less than 90% weight retention is completely unacceptable. What is lost is that the reason Dr. Fackler admonishes against fragmenting handgun bullets is because they typically display lackluster penetration."
Your opinion agrees with what I've read elsewhere, namely on page 69 of "Quantitative Ammunition Selection"-

"When an expanding projectile design is driven at a velocity that exceeds its capacity to sustain the deformation produced by the corresponding increase in hydraulic forces, radical expansion may cause the projectile to lose significant mass through excessive fragmentation. A loss of just ten percent of a projectile’s initial mass in conjunction with an inordinate increase in its frontal area (radical expansion), can result in a significant reduction of the projectile’s terminal penetration and permanent wound cavity mass."
My favorite "gun" book -


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