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Silencer is rather inaccurate as a term for best they drop the decibel level by half...
But since Hollywood has screwed up most people's firearm vernacular, I suppose we are stuck with it...

This is one thing the UK has over the the UK they don't regulate silencers...they WANT people to use them...
over here in the USA, we have far more freedom of weapon choice...but they stick it to you for $200 Tax Stamp & a 6-month wait for a Suppressor.

Frankly, you would think that antigun types would want us to have free access to suppresors,
as then they wouldn't be as able to hear folks practicing at the range

When dealing with Supersonic bullets (.223/etc), you are basically putting a muffler on a V8...
it'll be a little quieter and can modify the sound, but you'll know when it goes off
.22lr & .45ACP are recognized as the Subsonic rounds that get the best results out of surpressors...quiet & effective!
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