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emcon5 - sorry I didn't get back to you. I forgot I posted this question some time back as I got very busy.
You asked:
What model is it? Well, I'm not sure. This is why I think it was one of the samples sent from Germany since the revolution started 2 years later. It seems to have 2 crests, one that was partially ground off. That one appears to be the upper half of a large eagle with a snake it the beak. The 2nd is FABRICA NACIONAL DE ARMAS MEXICO D.F. very plain and clear text - The 1910 doesn't appear to belong to the Mexican crest though. It appears to be engraved centered to the eagle and there is a wreath ( I forget the proper description for this ) centered under the eagle that spans 1/2 of a circle. The middle section of it is partially ground off also.

This could be a Mexican rifle, I know they rolled their own once they tooled up but from what I have seen of guns made in Mexico around that time period, the quality, tightness and exact fits of this rifle seem far superior.

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