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That gets a bit difficult...for many MFR's, they send first to a distributor, then the dist point ships to fill the orders at the gun shops...
But if there's someone out there that knows a good way to get sequentials, please chime on in!!

Me personally, I wouldn't worry so much about sequential numbers, but I'd go to a local Trophy shop and get three nameplates engraved...
"From Grandapaw Whoever to Grandson Blank in the year of our Lord 2012"...or words to that effect...
then simply attach the plate to the riflestock

I've got a similar issue, as I have MANY rifles that are going to be handed down first to my Twin Sons...then to their children if they are so blessed!
so I ended up getting two of each will have their name engraved somewhere on the stock...
I've got a Winchester 250 Lever-action, and a Marlin 56 I'll have to figure out which boy likes which rifle better before tagging
Two semi-auto's...two pumps...two bolt can see where it all leads...LOL
Then I've got a bunch of Single firearms that I've got to find a second to go with...but then, that's half the fun!!

And the side benefit being I get to buy 'em & shoot 'em first, and pass them down as they get older!
Hrm...if I get two of everything that I currently have...I think I'm gonna need another 36-gun safe
Wonder if the Wifey will believe that excuse???
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