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Here is another game cam pic of two coyotes eating a trophy whitetail while it is still alive. There was a series of pictures that circulated online where they slowly take the deer down. The pictures run from around 10pm to day light the next morning.
It is assumed that, to capture pics of trophy deer, the owner placed some type of nutrient rich supplement as an attractant that the now exhausted deer desperately needed causing it to meet its demise in the view of the camera. There are several pics of the deer, in between the attacks, with its head down to the ground.

The coyotes appeared to have eaten the entrails and left the rest.

So I post all of this to simply say that the canis latrans is not looking for any sympathy nor does it deserve it! It will take what it needs and then some! Sometimes what it needs is an important part of our life!
Sometimes a shot here and there will make OUR yard a bit less inviting causing them to adapt and find another source of food!
Sometimes they need more of a deterrent!

MDD, I want to let you know I am delivering deterrents 55 grains at a time here in Northeast Texas!
Good luck with your endeavour sir!!
~ "JJ"
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