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Originally Posted by saltydog:
Mentioned the epoxy filled, FMJ, at high pistol velocity.

Those bullets aren't a new idea. A few decades ago, they were highly touted as being the cat's whiskers for issue to defensive forces where limited penetration was required. Protection of nuclear facilities and other such places were, supposedly, what was on the collective Regulatory mind.

That idea got some traction 'till it was pointed out that, if the opposing attacking forces were to wear defensive gear vests, they were immune to defensive fire and were, in essence, home free.

It was a short lived idea that refuses to go away. Katie Curic once asked in an interview of s Sky Marshal why he didn't shoot to wound.


IIRC, didn't MagSafe have a similar offering in the mid- to late-1990s? Fast Hardball, I think?

If memory serves, it was a FMJTC (or FMJFP if you want) gilding metal jacket filled with a high strength epoxy and enough small shot to bring it to up to the desired weight and offered in various calibers and driven at high velocity.

I seem to recall a .45ACP 70+ gr. FMJTC being driven at something like 2000 or 2100 fps.
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