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I would sure take a look at the ' Weatherby 308 g33/40' and the BAR 22.

Your pics should let you know if the Weatherby is a Southgate gun or a re-barrel.
I have personally only seen long action commercial mauser actions used on the Southgate rifles. Never a war2 action, much less a small ring. Sounds like a custom order gun with a customer supplied receiver to me.

If it is indeed a straight Southgate, I'd haul along more than the 500 to make a play.
The butt should say 'Tomorrows rifles today' if it is original, although some the earliest Southgates have a regular Pachmyer pad instead.

The wood stock would be a pronounced monte carlo with figure and contrasting wood for-end tip and grip cap.

Weatherby barrel markings with no sights. If there are iron sights, either a front with receiver sight holes or standard quality front and rear sights (again, that would mean custom order) I would definitely be a serious bidder. Iron on a Weatherby is considered rare.

It sounds interesting though either way and would be fun to look over.
Maybe post back with the hammer price on this one for me if you would.

If the BAR 22 is a clean straight grip gun (PG guns are more common) and comes up after the Weatherby, I'd be interested in that as well in the 300 range.

Let the cowboys run up the Mini's. Get the good stuff.

My opinion, and have fun, JT
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