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I have and like the 300 AAC Blackout.
That said, the round is not a .308 Winchester. But then its not intended to be.

Starting with the pluses:
It is the same as a standard AR/M16/M4 with a carbine gas system, same bold/BCG/Lower/Upper/sights/magazines, everything, except the barrel is 30 Caliber. Commercial brass or cut down (shortened to just behind the shoulder) regular 223/5.56 brass and bullet weights from 110gr to over 220grs. For those who do SBR and/or suppressed, the round/loading is great. I don't do either and still like it, a lot.

And now to the negatives:
Not as flat shooting as the 223/5.56. Doesn't have the energy of the 308/7.62. Uses different powders than the 223/5.56 and 308/7.62.

It will do just about everything a 30.30 with do (leaning toward the lighter weight bullets) only with the instant option of changing mags between 110gr fast light jacketed loads to heaver jacketed hunting loads with just a mag change. Zap that P-dog, switch mags and humanly drop a big hog or deer.

I don't see where the load replaces anything. It does a good job of supplementing that in-between area and putting it in the very handy AR/M4 weapon. Oh, you can just switch uppers to do this.



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