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Actually, I was thinking about my previous post and it probably wouldn't be a good idea anyways. Ruger and S&W have the market so dominated that after the initial "wow colt is making DAs again" wore away, they would have to offer a very well designed gun since they are competing with well established DA companies in Ruger and S&W. It probably would be a tough task for them to make something that would make them enough money for them to stay competitive with the established. Not saying its impossible either though. Part of me would like to see them come back, and another part of me says, "but what would it be?" it could end up being a very costly venture and if they were poor quality, it would take down sales of their 1911s and SAAs because people wouldn't really say "well hey, their DA is crappy, but the 1911s and SAAs and what not are awesome!" people would steer away from them as a company at that point. They have something working for them now with their offerings, and the old saying if its not broke then don't fix it applies here.
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