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I thought this until I realized it only came with one mag. And the shop wanted to sell me more at $53 a pop. Can get them online, including shipping for about $45, give or take, each. My wife got her 2022 for $400, but I've already invested almost $100 more than that "great price", just for her to have as many magazines that come standard with most guns now. Just want to make that clear, part of the reason it's cheap is that Sig skimps on the magazines.

EDIT: I will say, if you want a Sig, even factoring in the cost of additional mags, it is a pretty good deal. The cheapest 229 (which seems to be about equivalent in size) that I think I've ever seen was around $700. But again, just want to make sure the magazine thing is clear.
Valid point and what magazine(s) you get from Sig at any point is alwya up in the air (depends on their mood I guess, or what the market says, sort of like Airline seat pricing)

That said, having shot the SP2022 side by side with the HK P30, I can honestly say that they wind up right at equal.

SP2022 has some features that are better, HK has some that are better. But in both cases are all of them and they are pretty close.

I would say that the HK grip is simply superior feel. Doesn't seem to effect how I shoot either gun but I do like the HK grips period.

The Sig gets you and awfully good gun at a good price (if you like the DA/SA operation).
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