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It's likely matte finished, anodized aluminum. That is- bead blasted prior to being anodized.

Look, any time you have a matte finish, it's actually easy to scratch. Here's why: When the piece of metal is bead blasted, it looks like the surface of the moon- lots of craters, peaks, and valleys. When another piece of metal wears against it, the tops of those peaks wears off easily.

For a 'working gun" , be that a defensive piece or a hunting rifle, some honest wear isn't a bad thing. it means that thing isn't a hangar queen. "That one? Oh, that was when I took a header down that hillside. That one? That was..." you get the idea.

You can have your gun refinished. My own experience is the various "kotes" seem to give great protection at a reasonable cost. I have an older Mossberg 500 8-shot that I'd like to get done, as it's seen better days.
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