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Repair Question and Small Venting

Okay...I purchased a competition target gun in late May. It was used and purchased through a reputable national chain. The shotgun has worked very well throughout the summer, having approximately 3500 rounds put through it between practice and competition (about a 80/20 split between original factory loads and reloads respectively). Anyway, I went to practice yesterday, and just before finishing my first box, the forearm breaks on me (picture attached). The damage is not bad, and none of the mechanical elements of the forearm have broken. Regardless...I have to wonder if I got taken to the cleaners if my used gun breaks after just barely four months of solid use.

A stock fitter who recently installed my adjustable butt-plate said that it appear to be an extremely solid gun and that the iron should last for a while (iron is figurative...I realize I'm not shooting an actual iron weapon). That being said, I'm wondering if it's worth keeping if I get the forearm replaced. I was going to send this to Briley or Kolar this winter to get sub-guage tubes for skeet. Now I'm wondering if I need to unload this ASAP and just get a new, or at least a used gun that is of a higher quality (Blaser, Kolar, Krieghoff, etc.) and designed for skeet/trap/sporting clays?

I'm looking for any advice on what to do. I'm relatively new to gun ownership, but I assume that any malfunction like this needs to be fixed ASAP, and that we can never look at a break like this a no bid deal. I assume that firing the weapon in the current condition is inadvisable for safety reasons or the potential of doing more damage.

Regardless...I'm a little upset and wonder if I got screwed on this purchase. I don't blame the retailer...but should I?
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