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Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
Everything has a price. The increased convenience of a lighter, smaller caliber, less powerful handgun for self defense comes at the cost of less reliable efficacy. And the more reliable efficacy of a large caliber, more powerful handgun for self defense comes at the cost of less convenience.
Is it real-world or "practical" efficacy, though? 9x19 JHP has come a long, long way; other than something like, say, shooting through a windshield (and even the bonded stuff does that well), I just haven't seen any terminal ballistics data that convinces me a .45 provides enough appreciable difference to make stepping up to it a requirement.

Beyond that, I can understand why high-speed low-drag types employ the .45, but for the low-speed high-drag shooter like myself, who doesn't reload, who, while not having to work a corner to afford a range trip or anything, does appreciate that 9mm's cheaper to practice with than .45, and who simply shoots 9mm quickly better than he does .45, I just don't see the upside.
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