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Walt, the stainless steel and SA 75Bs both use the same beavertail, right? Also, if you convert a DA/SA to SAO, the triggers would be functionally identical, correct?
Same beavertail, as you can see by viewing the guns on the CZ-USA website.

As for functional identity -- as far as I know all of the 75B-based guns have the same trigger-related internals; same parts, etc. The SA models remove the disconnector and incorporate a better trigger lever (long, slim, flat, with adjustments for over-travel and take-up).

Unhappily, that trigger won't work in a gun that is still able to have a DA function. All of the 75Bs can be tweaked by a good gunsmith to have great SA triggers, but only the SA can be adjusted to get rid of the lengthy take-up (slack) found in the DA/SA trigger.

The new Omega trigger system changes all of this, and I have no experience with that mechanism.

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