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This discussion has come up before, and the first time it was discussed, I reread the regs and later called the ATF and asked about this directly.

I'm pretty sure you're wrong on all these points. Put simply, handguns are different. You'll find a link to the regs below.
Well I read them over, and you are right. I appreciate you telling me the truth and correcting me despite what I've seen. I would say in the last year, approx 10 01 FFL dealers sent me handguns through the post office. I am only a C&R 03 FFL. When I posted my understanding of the law, I felt that if the post office mandated the recipient meet special criteria, that these FFLs who think the ATF is supernatural, would follow these laws completely. The other interesting thing is this affidavit which outlines who the 01 FFL is sending the gun too with everything outlined. The laws you sent me state that this affidavit must be filled out each time. Is that not being done? Do the post office people not care. I know the procedure for the 01 FFL is walking in and showing a license and telling them its a handgun. I suppose after that, the post office doesn't ask "hey, you're sending it to one of the type of people, right?". So if that affidavit being done as stated, why do these FFLs send to C&Rs when its obviously not permitted? I don't know but I've noticed many FFLs know less about the laws than private people. I think to be a FFL all you need is the ambition to be be one and nothing else.

(That's a gorgeous S&W, by the way...)
Thank you. I went through a lot to get that gun but it was worth it. I had a friend help my wife around the house (they don't care for each other) while she was recovering from a C section. We had a 18 mos old with the new born. I had to plan it all out, and then I kept delaying the date with the previous owner because of my wife being ready to deliver but could not do it naturally. I had to bring this guy guns he wanted, because he wanted to trade (he was a military long arm collector), and then I had to drive hours to get there. He knew it was early and valuable, but he also used it as a tool which I was wowed by. For me it was a treasure, and for him some 44 magnum that he had trouble shooting straight. I found that case in a FFLs attic - like American (gun) pickers really. It was under a pile of papers. I was in the right place / right time for those times.
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