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I've seen rifles throw a cold,clean bore shot that far out but none of my current hunting rifles throw a cold, fouled bore short more than 1" out of a 3 shot group. I sight my rifles in and drag a bore snake through them. Next day, I fire 1-2 shots and drag the snake again. After 3-4 days, I know exactly where shot 1 & 2 POI's are going to be in relation to POA. Since we have unlimited antlerless tags here, I may fire 1-2 shots several times throughout the day.
During hunting season, unless there's a big problem, the only thing I do to the rifle(s) is wipe the outside and drag a snake in case I'm out in the rain/snow. If a major problem arises, I just put that rifle aside until time allows a resighting and shoot a different rifle.
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