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As to model number, this was prior to the practice of identifying S&W revovlers by model number. And 22/32 target revovlers wers not so scarce at that time.
Well it depends on which one you mean. I didn't think you meant a 22/32 pre war gun, but thats the only one thats not scarce. It still in my mind doesn't make much sense (not saying you're lying) to take that medium frame barrel and put it on what is actually a I frame, vs a K frame 22. Interesting...

Silly concept though you deem them to be, Smythons were at one time popular with action shooters, who wanted the extra heft out front for their matches.
I know you didn't make this up and I understand why it was done, but I think it was a lot of effort for a small advantage. This concept wasn't very popular and there doesn't seem to be many around today. While some shooters did this, many just worked around the limitations of a K frame 357.

As to J-Frames, these were considered suited to the ladies, who found the K-38 too large for their hands, and too heavy.
Well there was no J frame target gun in 38. The model 35 was actually a target gun (but in 22) with a 6 in barrel and patridge front. J frames were moreso for concealment because if you look at the J frame models, all of the best selling models were for concealment purposes. S&W didn't really have the J and before that the I for women. Perhaps the model 35 was more geared toward a target ladies gun, but many women shoot K-22s just fine which were first anyways. Maybe you could say they made the tiny M frame ladysmith 22 long revolvers for women, but not really the I frame. Interestingly enough, the first 22 DA target guns S&W made were in fact I frame 22/32 "bekearts" - and they were made for everyone. The K frame 22 target did not debut until 1931 and S&W made basically no regular production 22 N frame guns. If you wanted those 22/32s to feel different you could try the different grip types.

These had the I frame target extension stocks. The modern wrap around target stock wasn't around yet. SN 163XXX probably shipped 1915/16. The first 3000 had a separate number on the bottom of the grip, 1 to 3000 which mine has. Even though its been there done that, I keep it because its early and I don't have another.

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