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Budget? The sky could be the limit or you could do it with constraints. AICS is a great chasis, the rifle wouldn't really be the most expensive part IMO. Depending on what line of Optics you want could sway the price of the entire build. Also FTP scope? Do you mean FFP(First Focal plane)?

Anyhow, less you have a spare 700 action laying around, a new action will be around 450-500. Though you could go to a pawn shop and possibly get a cheap 700 for less.

Quality barrel (bartlein, krieger, shcnieder, Rock Creek, etc.) 300-400$
DBM(Badger, surgeon, APA, Seekins, CDI) 200-400$
AICS: around 1000$ good part is you wont have to bed it
Gunsmithing (chambering, truing, crowning, etc.) around 600$ i would guess, it varies depending on the smith.

900-1500$: Vortex Viper PST, Bushnell tactical, SWFA.
1000$-2000$: the leupy mark 4s, IOR, nightforce, and maybe throw in the Vortex Razor. Though the only NF that's FFP is 2200+.
2000-4000$: U.S. Optics, Premier, Zeiss Hensoldt, Schmit & Bender, New Leupys mark 4s and mark 6s.

Allaroundhunter, i'm sure he knows it's 300 win magnum, i'm betting it was auto-text on his phone that wrote "magazine"

As for caliber that's up to you since you reload. I shoot .308 and despite it not being the most practical cartridge it's still very adequate. It's just plane easy to load for, throw bullet of choice (155-175gr) over 39-44grs of varget and more than likely it will be accurate. You might night have access to a 1000yd range but you might want that capability. I've always wanted a 6.5x47 lapua.
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