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Another good test would be to shoot them again only instead of having a plastic lid for the bullets to go through first, have several layers of cloth or jacket. It will test if the hp's plug up with a BG's clothing, and how that effects performance, unless the guy is wearing a pail as clothing

I have a NOE 230gr hp mold coming shortly and will be doing my own testing of that bullet plus my alloying abilities.

Is your cast alloy that 97-1.5-1.5 (IIRC) from previous testing?
Yep I have thought of using the denim and such, but I usually don't think of it when I am heading to the country to do some shooting. Most of my loads are simply hunting loads, this one is the exception. I was actually more curious as to how the bullet would function through my 1911 than anything as compared to the others. Well it has passed the function test with colors. As for the BG, your probably right not too many of them with a plastic bucket lid under their shirts. This said, I have fired the others into plenty of different mediums and found similar results in different calibers. This by no means determines that they won't stop a BG, but after knowing what they do it don't leave me with a fuzzy feeling about them either.

NOE builds a great mold and I doubt you will be disappointed in it what so ever. As for your alloy, if you haven't done so already I highly suggest you download the spreadsheet calculator from CB's to help you plan it out. It might not be exact, but if hits VERY close to the final result when you use it. Much better than just a WAG on what your going to have when finished.

That particular bullet was actually straight Isotope core I had poured up a while back and not had a chance to shoot. This was simply a function test more than anything and I ended up throwing in the others just to see how they compared. I have since loaded up some of the 1.5/1.5/97 but haven't gotten a chance to try them out just yet in the 1911. I figure that they should be a touch more expanded, but after seeing how these did on penetration, I might not want more expansion.

I assume you are over at Cast Boolits as well. The expanding cast bullets pics posted over there are fantastic, just like your cast bullet.
Yep I am over at CB's also. I posted up a pic or two from expansion testing I did with my 45 Colt just a few weeks ago. I only had two of these from that alloy that I loaded and brought with me figuring they would probably be a bit soft for the load I was running. I missed the bucket with the first and recovered the second, expanded all the way to within about 1/16' of an inch of the base.

I have since blended up some 1.75/1.75/96.5, or therabouts. I have the bullets poured up and sized but haven't had time to load and shoot any of them just yet. I am hopeful that I can hit something that will give me good expansion with the 45 Colt loads, as well as a touch more but not too much more with my 41 and 44 loads. Then I can simply blend up one alloy for them all and go on happily about my business. As long as I have an alloy which is easily repeatable I am set and not worried about running out anytime soon. These are for hunting feral hogs and I want some expansion to deliver a greater energy dump with some of the close ranged shots we make on them. I want to be sure when I drop the hammer on a charging boar at 3-5 steps it sets him back on his heals and don't just make him that much more mad. Been there done that, and am getting too old for fancy dancin and acrobatics.

I set out to get some "wetpack" but quickly found that I needed a source of paper. Since we do not receive the local paper and I am not spending money to pick up the big one for other reasons, I am at a loss for collecting it up into a pile big enough to even mess with. My hunting pardner and I both agreed that with the sand I'm using it's time for sure to put them on the hogs. I had 13 of them come out on me Thursday evening while I sat a bow stand up at the property. Problem was they were 250yds away at the closest they came, and no way for me to close the gap. I had my bow and my 45 Colt and was looking strictly for hogs, and I needed my 25-06 AI to reach out and touch them. It's only a matter of time though, and I will drop the hammer on the big sow leader of that pack or the 250'ish pound boar which is running the rest of the smaller boars into a scared little cluster.
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