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There probably isnt any 9mm that can equal a 45 made to the same standard.
.357Sig & .40S&W yes... 9mm no.

The picture below visually spells out why our Secret Service uses 357Sig and many LEO deparments use .40s&w, those two provide same or better wounding as the 45 with better capacity, which definitely matters for those of us carrying smaller single stacks or sub-compact doubles.

I cant imagine a group who places more emphasis on stopping an immediate threat than the Secret Service, and its also reasonable to assume they've done their homework on the ballistics of each round.
They picked the .357Sig years ago.

I think 9mm and 45 each have too many compromises in either wounding or capacity.
The .40 is my favorite overall round - Comparatively few compromises, good capacity, good wound channel results, reasonable recoil considering those results, and its priced right.

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