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.308 bullet selection help

I bought myself my first modern high power rifle, a .308 Tikka T3. Most of my other rifles are surplus and have only shot surplus or cheap Brown Bear ammo. My knowledge of bullets in modern rifles is nil.

While I don't hunt (yet) and mostly target practice, I'd like to standardize on a single bullet to do both. I don't plan to reload, but have no problem buying factory ammo or other reloads like Georgia Arms.

Based on a hour or reading, it appears bullets designed for target practice like the 168gr Sierra Matchking are not good for hunting, but the loads for hunting may not make the best target load.

Is there a happy medium? I'd like to stock one kind of cartridge, and work up my accuracy to fit it. Would something with the 165gr Gameking qualify? Is there a midrange bullet that would be the best for all needs?
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