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I was a little surprised to find he shot a Glock (Model 19, he told me) as he was dressed in neither camouflage nor ninja black. Also told me he was a hunter, though not a real enthusiast. A real nice man!
Maybe a good, self taught lesson in people/gun profiling and proves we're never to old to learn.

Flip side:
Come here to Ohio and I can show you a few 'real nice people' (older and younger) that often wear camo and tapout shirts that carry 1911's. Some hunt, some don't.

I think it was Mike Irwin that made the very wise comment here on TFL in another thread(maybe a zombie thread)...
...the comment was, "sometimes we are our own worse enemies".

Glad you got out and learned that you shouldn't judge a person by what they carry.

P.S. FWIW. Not partial to or defending Glocks. I only own one and the only reason for owning it is it was a great $200 deal on an LE trade-in. Just trying to say we shouldn't be so quick to judge a fellow shooter. Just enjoy the company.

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