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Ultimak AK Rail & Busnell TRS Red Dot Combo Review

For those out there who have trouble using the stock AK sights or want a red dot optic for quicker target acquisition but don't want to pay $600 for an Aimpoint T1 this set up may be what you're looking for. I've had this set up on several of my AKs and never had an issue at all with it to report.

-Cost. The entire set-up can be had for around $170 shipped if you pay attention to the sales
-The rail is made out of T6 aluminum and the clamps are 4140 steel
-Installation is very simple and with polymer AK handguards no modification is necessary to the lower handguard. If you're using wood handguards, the lower may need some fitting
-The rail as plenty of room to mount a light should you have the desire to do so
-Maintains zero
-I haven't seen any change in accuracy with the Ultimak as I have while using the Midwest Industries rail system (but, there's pros and cons to both... and I like both)
-The TRS25 has a 3MOA dot which is about all the accuracy most shooters will get out of their AKs anyway
-The light emitter on the TRS allows for a lower 1/3 co-witness so even if your optic batter died an an inopportune time you still have use of the irons
-I have seen no evidence at all of heat damage. I don't have the happy switch on any of my AKs but I've also never thought to shoot slowly due to heat.

-With all forward AK rail mount options, it does cause the rifle to be slightly front heavy
-The tube gets hot and you may need to watch your grip during rapid fire (see the video for clarification on this...)
-If you're comparing it to an Aimpoint, the dot isn't as clear but I don't expect it to be at this price point either

Here's a video review with a demonstration of some shooting from CQB distances, 60m, and a discussion of the pros and cons of the system:

Ultimak & TRS Red Dot HD Review Video

Mrgunsngear Youtube Channel
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