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I have several full size 9mm's and still looking to buy more, but here is a quick summary.

pt 92 inox (Taurus) - I know not a Baretta but built at their old factory. Very reliable and nice handling gun. A bit big and heavy though.

PX4 - Yes this is a real Baretta! Wonderful gun. Smooth and reliable and still one of the best fit for my hand.

Caracal F - One of my favorite. Simple, and one of the most accurate with me. In a pinch I would grab this gun if there was anything wrong outside.

Glock - Very nice brand new (50 rnds. through it). I love glocks but they have never proved to be my most accurate, but like the Caracal are simple and get the job done. A little bit clunkier now that I put the Caracal right next to it.

Hi-Point - (low end) Not bad for the 150.00 I paid. Shoots a little harder than the others but this gun is brand new also so have to put some ammo through it. Good backup gun.

What am I leaving out -

Sig p226 - have not shot but handled and love the feel although have been told is very similar to the 92.
CZ 75b or spo1 - have only held and seemed a little thinner than the Sig.
PPQ - Almost bought one but had just picked up the Glock or Caracal and felt very similar to them in being a nice poly and was edging more toward a metal framed gun like the sig or cz
HK ? - Have 0 experience with these.

I think the big limiting factor is poly or not. I think in 9mm I am going to pick the newer mk? Sig 226 or a Cz because I want a metal frame.

If it was a poly I would consider the PPQ or maybe an HK.

Good luck in picking one!
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