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Great looking rifle!

That is one great looking M1A Herman!

My loaded is the stainless barrel, composite stock version. I really wanted traditional walnut/blued, but got a good deal on this one used. Then I found that NM a few weeks ago in wood/blued and I'm in hog heaven.

Btw, how does it shoot? Have you shot for groups yet? Tried out the irons? I found the M1a's irons to be the most user friendly I've e er used on a rifle.

I thought of the 2 other things I did to my "loaded" that you may also want to try : replaced the op rod spring guide with national match spring guide from Sadlak ($40). Don't know if this improved accuracy, but it just makes sense to have that spring maintain a uniform shape during operation. The other thing was to shim the sides of the receiver with card stock which Kraig suggested. This was a free improvement in stock to receiver fit and can't help but improve accuracy.
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