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The .45 extra power does not outweigh the extra capacity the 9mm has to offer.
Once again, this is an opinion, presented as a fact. Calling your dog a duck does not allow the dog to fly, and if you invite some friends to dinner and serve them your "duck" they are unlikely to be impressed...and they probably won't show up the next time they are invited, either.
Your counter statement sure left me scratching my head. Is that what the OP was really trying to say with his statement?

I don't think, in an age where modern handgun bullets are designed to perform very much alike, that magazine capacity can be discounted out of hand as mere "opinion". I think that, with modern bullet design and performance being so similar, the choice of magazine capacity most certainly can outweigh bullet caliber choice.

The obvious fact will remain that shot for shot, a person shooting a 1911 with an 8 round magazine will be left standing there holding an empty gun while the person shooting a Glock 17 will continuing shooting with a magazine that is still half full.
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