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I bought a 66-4 for 450 about 8 months ago. 2.5 tube. At a gun shop. They are out there just have to be patient and wait for the right gun / price. Hit the shops and learn who has finds and who has junk.

I don't feel you are wasting anyones time, I have bought and sold many things from watches and clocks to antiques to surplus instruments and it took me time and a few mistakes to figure out the gun market and have confidence in what I was doing / looking at

I think it's human nature not to open auctions hi. I have seen it for decades. 18k farm tractor at auction, goes down to 500 bucks then bid up to 19.5 k. Guess it's human nature, if you can get past that often there is, in my observation often less bidding wars with high openers, guess the flip side is people figure someone who is serious and throws down high will keep going. Maybe maybe not but the few times I have tried it at live auctions it seems to work often.

Frankly I would not buy a 66 online, no need for the hassle unless one is really in a remote corner of the world. I limit onlie buys to new or rare guns in high condition. Plenty of 66's to be had in most locals that may be without box/papers but are otherwise near new and highly worth it.
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