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Is it too much? Probably, for "just a 66." But if you're looking at an unfired example, in the box, with the papers, tools, etc., it might not be if that's what you really want. Only you can make that decision.

I know a lot of people say they don't care about the box and papers and such. And that's great, because there are people like me, who don't want it at all unless it HAS the box, papers, and stuff. When you decide that's what you want, you narrow the field down quite a bit, and that raises the price.

Yes, I paid too much for it. How much isn't important, but since I don't plan to sell it, it doesn't matter. IF I ever did have to sell it, and I can't get my money back...well, that's just the cost of having owned it for a while.

When I compare what I paid, to a Glock, Sig, Kimber, or even a new Smith & Wesson, it was a steal.
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