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I have a Leica rangefinder but sometimes fiddling around with stuff just is not as efficient as using the reticle to range estimate.My antelope rifle does not have a Mil-Dot,but it is a 6x by 42 mm Leupold with their standard duplex.As close as I can measure on a 100 yd sight in target,post tip to post tip is right at 7 in.enough that I assume the design intent was was two mils.,or one mil crosshsair center to post tip.

With my .257 AI and 115 ballistic tips,I zero at 300 yds.The hanging post tip gives me a precise 100 yd aim point.

Its been a while since I looked at the numbers,but the lower post tip is about 425 yds.That thing is a speed goat killing machine,for moderate ranges.

So,if I may suggest,take some stew meat sort of trimmings,shoulder area will be fine,season a little,shake in flour,brown in the skillet with a little butter.I leave it pink inside.

Thats it.Enjoy!

I'm impressed that I see no cactus in the pic!!Finesse.
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