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I wish they would bring back the case cannelure that formed a shelf at the base of the bullets to prevent just this sort of thing from happening.

This can happen with higher priced 9mm ammo as well. I used to carry only Supervel Truncated cone ammo in the P-35 I carried many moons ago. I only found out recently that there had been some P-35 pistols damaged by Supervel ammo that had gotten the bullet shoved back into the case.
The Truncated Cone bullet is a lot like the original 9mm Parabelum bullet which was a solid nose FMJ. When they switched to the ogived round nose thats when they first started having feeding difficulty with the Luger if there was any wear to the mag catch or the slot for it in the magazine.
Broad hollow point nose cavities may encourage bullets becoming stuffed back in the case.
There have been a number of wrecked .40 S&W chambered pistols in recent years where this was belived to be the culprit.

In one case a security firm would use a reserve magazine soley for loading a single round in the chamber then put in a full magazine. Each time the pistol was turned in they unloaded it and used the same single round the next day, again loading the chamber from the reserved magazine. Some cartridges were chambered this way dozens of times, and finally one ended up with the loosened bullet jammed deep in the case, when fired the case ruptured.
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