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don't quote me but I have heard that drawing a gunduring the witnessing of a felony is justifiable many times.

one scenario that pops up sometime like in a survey as one example is the witnessing the bank robbery scebario ..... what do you do(each person specifically and counting various unigue facts - kids by your side, pregnant wife with you, person huddled next to you with toddler, disabilities, firepower, etc, etc)?

when do you say, you know I am not gonna just lie down and ignore this...of course it all depends on whether you freeze, whether you feel there is no accomplice watching behind the scenes, is the robber threatening life, being physically abusive, or is this just a note and no weapon, and so-on. I mean think about it. a person is reasonably in danger of losing their life and possibly you as well...or are you/they? common sense still does exist. not trying to be funny, usually you hear about the old guy who just instinctively takes care of business in these situations. mnay times it just makes sense to them to stand up and fight(successfully as perps run...sometimes one lives..another dies). usually DA agrees with old man. just sayin'

being on your property adds debate you mentioned...when does it become ok? TX, NJ? 500,00 dollar vintage camero or lawn sign that says obama? principle of matter or money? for me it is a very dicey situation not for legal issues(which hold serious weight in themselves) but morally/ethically drawing a weapon is something that is extremely serious for obvious reasons. one could on his property do so maybe depending on the circumstances though especially if 911 gave them the go-ahead while they were on the phone(if they did)
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